Badgers Fans Sure To Stick Out In A Crowd

badgers-fans-sure-to-stick-out-in-a-crowd1Total Pro Sports – When they are in their natural environment, it is much easier for college football fans to blend in with the rest of the insanity that surrounds them.  But when they find themselves out of their element, they often can’t help but stick out like a sore thumb.

That was the case with this fan from the University of Wisconsin, who dawned the Badgers’ cardinal red among the many surrounding Midshipmen in white at a Navy vs. Louisiana game this past weekend.

So how did this whole adventure come about?  We will leave it to the the man, Kelly Luster, to divulge his own story:

“One of my colleagues works at the U.S. Naval Academy and suggested we put together a trip to the Navy vs. Louisiana game last weekend. I believe there were about 30 or so who decided to go. As is the Wisconsin tradition, we also tailgated before, during and after the game. As is also UW tradition, I represented the Badgers by wearing a Badger hooded sweatshirt to the Navy game. Someone once said, no matter where you go, you’ll find a fellow Badger. Sure enough, no less than a dozen Wisconsin alums stopped by our tailgate.

“As we entered the game and took our seats, I noticed the Midshipmen directly across from our seats. Then it dawned on me… I would stand out in that crowd. I told my friend to watch gate seven directly behind the Midshipmen. I went around the stadium and made my way down to the center of the Midshipmen seating section and wave to my partners in crime across the stadium. Before you knew it, several pictures had been taken. I was then informed I needed to leave the Midshipmen seating section. However, Badger Spirit had already been captured.” [Wisconsin Alumni Association]

This sounds like an idea that could only be pulled off after several hours of tailgating, but we are impressed that it was actually thought up after all those hours of drinking.  As for the Navy’s Midshipmen who had their section intruded upon by a visiting Badger?  Surprisingly, they didn’t do the best job defending their home territory.  Something just isn’t very comforting about that.

Hat Tip – [Wisconsin Alumni Association]

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