Plaxico’s Prison Jersey May Quickly Become An NFL Top Seller

Burress Jail JerseyTotal Pro Sports – Looking to get a great new gift for that Redskins, Cowboys or Eagles fan on your Christmas list?  It may be a bit early, but now there is one jersey out there you can be sure they will love.

It’s the “09-R-3260” New York Giants jersey, or for those of you who are not familiar with what exactly that may mean, it is the new number that former Giants’ receiver turned prison inmate, Plaxico Burress, will be dawning on the back of his orange jumpsuit.  Now you can have your own Giants jersey with the same numbers on the back.  That is, of course, if the NFL will allow you to.

While they haven’t been advertised yet on, you can only assume that Giants haters alike will be rushing to their computers or stores in order to get their hands on this newly released article of clothing.  What makes it so new?  Well it has only been one day since Burress was assigned his inmate number, and that was just one of the notable events among a day with plenty for him as he enters a dreadful two years of confinement.

Plaxico Burress got a zero’s welcome behind bars at Rikers Island, including taunts of “a – – hole!” and “The Giants suck!” according to jail guards.

“He was depressed,” said one guard from Rikers, where the former Giants superstar spent his first-ever night behind bars. “He was trying to keep to himself, but everyone was yelling at him.”

“These people got nothing,” a second guard explained of the taunts. “What else are they gonna do?” [New York Post]

And that was just the beginning.

His stay at his first stop, Rikers, was brief. By 11 a.m. yesterday, he’d been driven upstate to the medium-security, 586-inmate Ulster Correctional Facility in Napanoch, an intake center where he’ll be evaluated for more permanent placement elsewhere in the state prison system, said Correction Department spokeswoman Linda Foglia.

At Ulster, Burress was strip-searched. He was also shorn of his trademark goatee.

He got a shower, an ID card, an orientation session and his new wardrobe. That includes his hunter-green uniform tops and bottoms, a pair of black work boots, and a pair of white, low-top canvas sneakers.

Now the difficult decision begins for Cowboy and Redskins fans.  Do they opt for a Michael Vick jersey for their pouch, or are their interests better served with Burress’ inmate number plastered on the back of their very own Giants jersey.  Either way, you can expect the Giants to see this creative new look in visiting stadiums everywhere.

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