Female Sprinter Falls Inches Short Of Victory…Literally!

female-sprinter-falls-inches-short-of-victoryliterallyTotal Pro Sports – It is supposed to be a great feeling.  Coming around the final stretch of a 200-meter race.  All you can see ahead of you is the finish line.  The runners behind you are not visible (Just Like Usain Bolt), but you can feel them as they are doing everything in their power to catch you and you know you must do the same to remain in front.  The finish line is almost there and you make your final push, only to fall short of the line, literally.

That was the case for this female sprinter as her nose dive into the finish line caused her to drop from a first place finish into third.  We aren’t sure whether it was fatigue that caused her to trip up, or the annoying screams of encouragement that was coming from the stands.  Either way, it was undoubtedly the perfect face plant as her nose was just inches in front of the line, but couldn’t get her across it.

After seeing it, we can’t help but think that this cyclist would be the perfect man for her.  They have much in common, besides the fact that the similarly unfortunate cyclist was able to use his momentum to get across the finish line and take the victory.  Perhaps he will have some tips to share for her in the future.

Heartbreaking to think that she was only a tuck-and-roll away from the gold.

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