G20 Will Not Stop Penguins Fans From Celebrating

G20 Will Not Stop Penguins Fans From CelebratingTotal Pro Sports – With the G20 Summit currently underway in Pittsburgh, the riot police have taken to the streets in an effort to subdue any protests.  What they will not be able to put an end to is the Stanley Cup celebrations of Penguins fans, which according to my calendar has been going on now for just over three months.

During an intense live news report from WPXI Channel 11, cameras followed one reporter as he informs viewers of the presence of riot police along with what he believes to be protesters and their “big banner.”  He makes his way towards the area where all the commotion is taking place, only to find that among all the officers is one man in a vintage Penguins jersey hoisting a fake Stanley Cup in front of the giant banner, which states “Lets Go Pens.”

Although he was likely expecting something along the lines of “Save The Whales” or “End The War,” this reporter couldn’t help but laugh at the “interesting protest sign.”

Penguins fans just can’t seem to get enough celebrating and who can blame them when they are having this much fun.  Is is just me, or does there seem to be something about a rally or protest that attracts the presence of Pittsburgh sports fans.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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