Skier Burried Alive During Avalanche [Video]

skier-burried-by-avalancheTotal Pro Sports – We have previously been reminded of the dangers that come with sports, whether it be on the soccer pitch, at the hockey rink, or around the race track.  You can now add the ski mountains to that list as this lucky man will never forget the day he went from being on top of the world, to being buried six feet under.

With his helmet camera on, he discusses with his partner a plan of attack.  Once they get that figured out they being to make their way down the slopes, only to encounter an avalanche which buries the man and his camera under a pile of snow.

For approximately four minutes all that appears on the video is a screen of blue.  Members of his crew hurry to the rescue, working hard to uncover him as his body freezes.  Finally at about the six minute mark, he begins to see daylight.

It was a day that this man will never forget.  One that he will look back on as the moment his life flashed before his eyes.  He can now say he has cheated death, and he has the video footage to prove it.

At least his dangerous encounter came as he was going down the mountain, rather than making his way up it, which is something that can not be said about this guy.

Hat Tip – [Buzz Feed]

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