A Paintballing Masterpiece [Video]

a-paintballing-masterpieceTotal Pro Sports – Sometimes you can find artwork in the strangest of places.  Whether the blank canvas sits on a street basketball court in Chicago or a paintball field in the middle of nowhere, an artistic masterpiece is never far away.

Paintballers were gathered at an unknown location with their guns in hand, loaded with the proper colors to create a brilliant work of art.  As they lined up with a giant white canvas in front of them, the first shot was fired, and thousands followed.

Watching the clip, you can see the end result unfold right in front of our eyes.  No paintbrushes, pallets or the like.  Just 23 men, 23 guns, and the image of Marilyn Monroe in their minds.  That was all that was needed in order for them to create something that even Andy Warhol could be proud of.

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