Here Is One Jumbotron Jerry Jones Can’t Top

here-is-one-jumbotron-jerry-jones-cant-topTotal Pro Sports – Tonight on Monday Night Football, Jerry Jones will once again get to show off his new Cowboys Stadium on prime time television.  We will undoubtedly get to hear about how it is home to the world’s largest jumbotron, but if accuracy is a concern for tonight’s commentators, they will want to stop short of labeling it as the world’s most fascinating.

That honor should be attributed to this Asian man-made jumbotron, but before you go thinking to yourself “well wasn’t the one in Cowboys Stadium created by humans as well,” we should inform you that by “man-made” we mean it is actually made out of men (and women as well).

You may have seen college marching bands use human choreography to create images which reflect and enhance school spirit, but these people take that to a whole new level.  Dressed in the proper attire, each member of the group must follow a specific set of movements and timing is crucial.  With proper execution, the end result is surreal.  Something you have to see to believe.

Even their human jumbotron technology is years ahead of ours.  I wonder if they can capture Jerry Jones picking his nose like the jumbotron at Cowboys Stadium can?

Check it out.

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