Police Get In On The Tailgating Fun

police-get-in-on-the-tailgating-funTotal Pro Sports – While some schools have perceived tailgating to be a problem because of the out of control drinking that often takes place, that doesn’t seem to be much of a problem at South Portland High School.  Perhaps these high schoolers have not yet embraced the traditional boozing that comes with college tailgating.  Instead, they seem to be just fine with performing the Stankey Leg while sober, and the cops love them for it.

Ever needed proof that white cops can’t dance?  Well here it is.  Prior to a South Portland High football game, a few males try to teach one officer a couple of moves.  Sadly his rhythm resembles that of a rusty gate.

Wii Bowling, intimate encounters with Alex Rodriguez, and now tailgate dancing.  Sounds like a good time to become a police officer.

Hat Tip – [Friends of the Program]

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