Rodney Harrison Vs. Terrell Owens. Who Ya Got?

toTotal Pro Sports – He may be retired, but Rodney Harrison is still taking cheap shots at one of the NFL’s top receivers.  Last night the former Patriots safety called Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens “a clown, a straight up clown.” This came after the Bills lost at home to the New Orleans Saints by a score of 27-7, a game in which Owens had zero receptions.  It was the first time in 185 consecutive games that T.O. did not make a catch and Harrison’s comments would only add to his frustration, causing him to fire back through Twitter.

So now the battle begins.  The tough part will be taking sides.  I have never been a fan of retired players that get a kick out of mocking current players, especially when they have been busted during their playing careers for using performance enhancing drugs.  In that case I think I’ll side with Owens on this one.


 Hat Tip – [SportsByBrooks]

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