Seattle Green Goblins Lose To Bears On Day Of NFL Uniform Insanity

Bears Seahawks FootballTotal Pro Sports – Before you begin attempting to adjust your screen, we should probably tell you that the jerseys worn by the Seattle Seahawks players in this picture are really the fluorescent lime green that they appear to be.  Unfortunately, not even their blinding uniforms could distract the Chicago Bears on a week of NFL uniform insanity.

If the Seattle jersey debauchery was not enough, there was also some confusion occuring on the other side of the country just hours earlier, when the Tennessee Titans dressed as the Houston Oilers were taking on the New York Jets dressed as the New York Titans.  So the Titans were playing the Titans?  Yes, such is the magnificent idea of the NFL to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the AFL.  Who would have thought someone was capable of screwing up a jersey even worse than Regis Philbin.

It was a day of awkwardness for NFL jerseys, but the Seahawks uniforms easily took the cake.  At first glance it looks as though they are wearing pinnies.  Sadley they are not.

What is more embarrassing?  Blowing a 13-0 lead, or doing so while looking like a comic book character?

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