When Fishing And Hunting Collide

Aerial BowfishingTotal Pro Sports – Fishing and hunting are two things that almost every outdoorsman just can’t seem to get enough of.  Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, a decision must be made between one or the other.  After all, it is impossible to fish and hunt at the same time, right?

Well not anymore.  Introducing aerial bowfishing, a mix between crossbow hunting and carp fishing that will put a smile on any outdoorsman’s face, including those of Tyler Burke, Doug Burke and Bryant McCartney.  The end catch may not be a 450-pound gator or a 64-pound common carp, but that doesn’t seem to take the fun away from their day on the water.

Before all you tree-huggers begin to flail your arms around in madness screaming “how can they do that to nature’s defenseless creatures,” you should probably know that what they are hunting/fishing for is Bighead carp, a fish that poses a huge threat to the ecosystems of U.S. waters.  They also pose a threat to humans as they leap high out of the water when boat propellers pass by, sometimes hitting those in the boat.  It may sound funny, but not for one woman who suffered a broken jaw from a flying bighead carp.

Tyler, Doug and Bryant took to the lake to demonstrate their aerial bowfishing skills and caught an impressive 80 bigheads.  So how do they do it?  Simple.  As the boat propels through the water, they wait for the carp to jump into the air.  When they do, the men aim and fire an arrow, which is attached to a line, through the fish’s body, and there you have it.  A fish on a stick.

Hat Tip – [Field & Stream]


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