Jets Fans Use Pats Fans’ Car As Garbage Can

Jets Fans Use Pats Fans' Car As Garbage CanTotal Pro Sports – Apparently there is a shortage of accessible garbage cans around the tailgating area at Giants Stadium, and you know those Jets fans and their anti-littering policies.  So when you can’t put your waste in the proper bin, why not use the next best thing….

The car of a Partiots fan.

I guess on the back of the parking lot admission tickets at Giants Stadium it states “park at your own risk” and a few Patriots fans did just that.  Unfortunately they and their car were not greeted with much of a warm welcome from Jets fans who decided to throw their trash on the vehicle and write comments like “Tom Brady Got A Boner” and “Jets Rule” on it in mustard.

One guy took the time to video tape the big mess and at the end you can hear him say “that’s just wrong dude.”  Well at least one Jets fan has the brains to realize that.  Unfortunately he is one of the few.

Jets fans, cars and tailgating are quickly becoming a dangerous mix.

Hat Tip Video- [With Leather]

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