Junior Seau Loses This Goal Line Battle To A Bull At The Rodeo

Junior Seau Loses This Goal Line Battle To A Bull At The RodeoTotal Pro Sports – While Rodney Harrison was busy reliving his past by taking a cheap shot at Terrell Owens, although this one came from behind his desk at NBC, Junior Seau was doing the same, getting run over by a bull at the rodeo.

Although they prefer not to call themselves a rodeo, (apparently they open every show with the line “…this is not a rodeo, this is the one and only P…. B…. R!!!”) the Professional Bull Riders sure act a lot like a rodeo.  And playing the part of a rodeo clown in this instance was Seau.

The former NFL All Pro linebacker was out there putting his body on the line during the show in Ontario, California, when a bull wasn’t ready to leave quietly after dislodging its rider.  Barely missing one rodeo clown, the bull continues to make his way around before coming face to face with Seau (43 second mark).

Simply put, the running back got in the endzone and ran over the linebacker to get there.  Thankfully, Seau was able to get up and dust it off.  Now we must wait to find out if that is the last we will see of Seau getting run over, or does the 40-year-old still have some Brett Favre left in him.

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