Cowboy Stadium Washrooms Christened With Mid-Game Sex [Video]


Total Pro Sports – They say that a new stadium has not officially become a new stadium until if has been properly christened by some hardcore fans of the home team.

With that being said, ladies and gentlemen, may in introduce to you the now complete Cowboys Stadium!

There may be no better way to show you love for the home team than by bailing from your seats once the victory has been sealed in order to rush off to the bathroom with your mate for a celebratory quickie.  If there was any question as to where the loyalties of these two lovebirds lie, it was answered with their matching #88 Irvin jerseys.  You just know that Michael would be so proud.

As the story goes, the romp took place in one of the rather spacious Hall of Fame box level bathroom stalls during the fourth quarter of the Monday night game between the Cowboys and the Carolina Panthers.  Fans in the area noticed some unusual noises coming from the stall, and much to there surprise, the two individuals were laid out on the floor banging.  Thank god for our present day technology as several onlookers snapped pics and videos with their phones.  When the two were finally finished, they exited the stall to a standing ovation from those in attendance to see their show.

When Jerry Jones decided to create this monster of a stadium, it likely wasn’t done so with the intentions of accommodating the sexual fantasies of its visitors.  Sorry Jerry, if fans are going to be getting fucked at Cowboy Stadium, I guess they will do whatever it takes to make sure they are the ones fucking each other, rather than being fucked by you.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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