High School Football Team Blows Game In Buffalo Bills-esque Fashion

High School Football Team Blows Game In Buffalo Bills-esque FashionTotal Pro Sports – Late game choke-jobs have become synonymous with Buffalo Bills football.  Just a few weeks ago they found a way to blow an 11-point lead late in the fourth quarter during the season’s opening Monday night game against the New England Patriots (much to the chagrin of their fans).  A couple of season’s ago they had a similar blowup on another Monday night game, this time against the Dallas Cowboys.  And then there is that ever so popular 20-19 loss in Super Bowl XXV when Scott Norwood‘s last second field goal attempt for the victory missed wide right.

Well the Bills should be happy to know that they are not the only football team in the nation with similar bad luck in the dying minutes of games, thanks to Otter Valley’s recent blunder.

The reporter in the clip gives the full details of the game, but cutting to the chase, after completing a remarkable comeback, Otter Valley found themselves up by 2 points with second remaining.  Mount Mansfield’s only hope was a desperation 46 yard field goal, which fell way short.  An Otter Valley player was back to field the short kick but after catching it, he began celebrating what he thought was the end of the game, and thus a victory for his side.

Think again.

As he spiked the ball into the ground and began celebrating with his team, a Mount Mansfield players picked the pigskin up and ran it into the endzone.  That marked the real conclusion to the game and also gave Mount Mansfield an unexpected 20-16 victory.

You can only assume that somewhere Leon Lett is smiling.  This poor soul has now entered into an elite group that includes the likes of Lett and this clumsy sprinter, as athletes who have come so close to victory only to fumble it all away.

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