Mike Blowers Makes The Call Of The Year

Mike Blowers Makes The Call Of The YearTotal Pro Sports – There is nothing more exciting for a sports broadcaster than predicting the outcome of an event and actually getting it right.  They do it all the time, but we never seem to hear about all their missed calls.  Only the ones they get right.

Problem is, often their correct predictions are something that anyone could have “gone out on a limb” and stated, like “Usain Bolt will break another world record today,” or “the Detroit Lions will probably lose another game this Sunday.”  Well Mike Blowers isn’t quite in to making such obvious predictions.  Instead, he prefers to make the most out of this world forecasts, which makes this one that much more unbelievable.

Prior to Sunday’s game between the Seattle Mariners and the Toronto Blue Jays, Blowers, along with other members of the Mariners broadcast team made their picks for player of the game.  With the season winding down, Blowers decided to go with a long shot and choose rookie call up Matt Tuiasosopo.  If that wasn’t enough, Blowers also got into a little more detail when he said the youngster would hit his first career home run into the upper deck during his second at bat on a 3-1 count, and the pitch would be a fastball.

Amazingly, Blowers hit the nail on the head.  Fifth inning, second at bat, 3-1 count, fastball, second deck home run.

It was truly amazing and the call was even better as you can hear the broadcasters begin to laugh when the count reached 3-1.  As the ball was hit, it sounds as though they nearly exploded out of their seats, and you can’t blame them one bit.

Makes you wonder if Blowers may be hiding some kind of time machine from us all.

Hat Tip – [Mariners Blog]

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