NASCAR’s Kahne, Edwards and Busch Play A Little Chicken

NASCARs Kahne Edwards and Busch Play A Little ChickenTotal Pro Sports – Something tells me these guys may have watched one to many Ken Block videos.

As part of the Gillette Young Guns promotion, Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch took to the race track to play a little chicken.  The three drivers put on quite the performance as they raced directly at one another before burning some of the rubber off their tires with a few donuts, but one little slip up and the Gillette Young Guns could have easily decreased from five drivers to two.

With Edwards’ #99 AFLAC Ford Fusion lined up face-to-face with the #9 Bud Dodge Charger of Kahne and the #18 M&M’s Totyota Camry of Busch, all three put the pedal to the medal and raced by one another before twisting and turning inside out in a tight area of their own.

It appears as though this is all computer generated, but with their knack for getting into rather disastrous crashes, it wouldn’t surprise me if these NASCAR drivers really went through with this.

Nonetheless, it is still pretty damn cool.

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