Eating Marker Ink Will Not Give You Blake Griffin Powers

Eating Marker Ink Will Not Give You Blake Griffin Powers Total Pro Sports – This is one strategy you will not see in any sort of basketball instructional video.

It is fair to say that Blake Griffin is quite the force on the basketball court, and if you don’t think so we advise you to take Kevin Durrant`s word for it.  He is a an absolute beast with extraordinary physical abilities, and no one can take that from him.  Not even this guy, although his plan to do so is quite unorthodox.

In one of the stupidest amateur movies I have ever seen put together, one man sets out to “absorb Griffin`s power” by eating a panino that is signed by the Clippers’ first overall pick.  His theory is that by eating the signed panino, he will adsorb a piece of Griffin, thus obtaining similar powers throughout his body.

It seems more like a rather shallow plot that is used as an excuse to meet Blake Griffin, get to touch a female, and receive some YouTube recognition, all at the expense of his dignity and possibly some ink poisoning.

Congratulations man.  Mission accomplished.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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