Performance Art Meets Martial Art

Performance Art Meets Martial ArtTotal Pro Sports – Quite often when the visual arts are applied within the realm of sports, amazing things can result, whether it be a giant paintball portrait of Marilyn Monroe or a mural of Michael Jordan created through the use of light and Gatorade bottles.

Versus Mixed Martial Arts was looking for the right artistic form as part of their campaign to bring  the UFC to Vancouver and they went with the performance arts to do so.  As for the end product.  Well it was a little strange to say the least.

The people of Versus set up a flash mob style stunt on Robson Street.  The people involved rush out of their vans.  They set up a ring using a rope and have an annonuncer, referee, two fighters, and even some ring card girls.  The people standing around are not sure exactly what is going on, but I can only image they were disappointed to see that the two fighters involved were not actually beating the living sh*t out of each other on the concrete.

If the UFC decides to visit Vancouver, hopefully they bring some real blood and bruises.

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