Why You Should Love October For Sports!

Why You Should Love October For Sports!Total Pro Sports – In North America, we generally tend to fear the arrival of autumn knowing that winter is surely just weeks away. And for many parts of this vast continent, winter can be as harsh as a Ray Lewis blindsided hit to the groin. However, the arrival of October also yields loads of sports coverage for us fans. For starters, October 1st marks the start a new NHL season which is set to kick off in earnest tonight. For hockey fans it marks the beginning of a new year with many new look teams and ultimately newborn optimism and expectations for fans of all teams. The Pittsburgh Penguins seem poised to repeat as Stanley Cup champions but the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings in the west will surely have something to say about that.

October also sees NBA training camp underway and eventually welcomes in the start of a new season where it will be interesting to see if the Lakers can repeat or weather the arrival of Shaq in Cleveland will put the Lebron and the Cavs over the top.

October is home to weeks 4 to 7 in the NFL, which in essence are the critical weeks that will more than likely determine your team’s playoff potential. It will be interesting to see if rookie QB Mark Sanchez can keep up his fantastic start with the Jets in New York and weather the Patriots can make a return to the Super Bowl with a now healthy Tom Brady.

Moreover, we can’t talk about sports in October without the MLB playoffs. I have always argued that baseball playoff games are amongst the most entertaining in all of sports. Regardless of how late into the night they tend to go for those of us here on the East Coast, there is certainly no version of CSI that is worthy enough of making us switch channels. This year’s edition is poised to be no different with the usual suspects from the East (Yanks and BoSox) primed and ready to make it another fantastic finale to the season.
Therefore, October is clearly the most unique month of the year for us sport fanatics as it is the only month to encompass the four major sports leagues at the same time. It is for that reason; I have welcomed October with open arms as it will unquestionably bring us endless hours of entertainment which we so desperately lack throughout the summer!

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