With “Sanchez” Jerseys Selling, Expect “Dirty” Jerseys To Follow

dirty-snachezTotal Pro Sports – A former California beach boy turned New York Jets starting quarter back, Mark Sanchez has quickly become a big hit in the Big Apple.

And when Jet fans begin to warm up to you, it is only a matter of time before your jersey is flying off the racks.  With that being said, New York store owners may also want to get themselves some “Dirty” Jets jerseys.  I think a new trend has descended upon us.

This couple was spotted at a recent Jets game sporting the notable combination of “Dirty” and “Sanchez” side by side.  I guess Jets fans, much like Cowboys fans, feel the need to publicly expose their sexual exploits.  Thankfully there will always be someone there with a camera to capture them.

Dirty Sanchez

Dirty Sanchez

Hat Tip Pic – [Deadspin]

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