High School Footballer Lands A Crushing Head-Over-Heals Hit

High School Footballer Lands A Crushing Head-Over-Heals HitTotal Pro Sports – From the professional ranks, to the kids in college who wish to some day get there, the game of football can always be expected to provide its fair share of bone crushing hits.  While the big boys tend to throw the most vicious body blows, even the youngsters in high school are good for a highlight reel hit every now and then.

This week we have been provided with yet another.

It comes from a game in Oklahoma between Moore High School and Lawton High School.  With Lawton driving down the field, the play came in and it was a pass intended to go to the middle of the field.  The execution was there, but so to was Moore defensive back Josh Oh, who broke the play up after sending the intended receiver head-over-heals with a crushing hit.

The Lawton player was slow to get up after crashing down to the ground on his head.  As you would expect, the play by Oh had the fans cheering is name.  “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

What a coincidence.

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