Revisiting The Joe Mauer Pitch Tipping

joe-mauer-will-do-anything-to-win-including-cheating-300x202Total Pro Sports – Earlier in the week we posted a video of Joe Mauer tipping pitches to Jason Cubel during game two of a double-header between the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers.  The video by Tony Faust, a 28-year-old graphic designer who lives in Maple Grove and is a Twins fan, was discovered on YouTube and provides a detailed description of Mauer’s actions.

Over the past three days this issues has completely blown up!

Twins players and coach Ron Gardenhire have become incensed over all the accusations, analyzing the clip in some cases, and making the following statements:

“That video’s a joke!” Justin Morneau said.

“That’s why we’re three games back — we’re stealing signs,” manager Ron Gardenhire said before the Twins trimmed the Tigers’ lead to two with an 8-3 victory.

And the word from the alleged sign stealer himself?

“I just think it’s funny because, yeah, as baseball players you try to get edges any way you can,” Mauer said. “But at that time [on the clip], it was more of a coincidence than anything. I wasn’t relaying any signs at that time.” (Star Tribune)

So there you have it.  Even Joe Mauer was willing to admit that baseball players are always looking for that extra edge, and they are willing to do anything they can to get it as long as it means staying within the rulebooks (most of the time anyways).

While this does not mean that Joe undoubtedly stole the Tigers’ signs, it does mean that he would, and we will continue to believe that he did.

That brings us to all the comments that I have received regarding the content within the aforementioned post.  The hate mail continues to fly in  from Minnesota and Mauer lovers alike, and even from others who just feel the need to vent.  I have quickly become the target of such aggression.  Well what good is it to have people relay their naive opinions to myself and the rest of us at Total Pro Sports if we can’t post them on here and comment on their stupidity.

We will begin with out friend Andrew:

To whom it may concern:

I feel it is absolutely necessary to voice my complaint about the author of the article “Joe Mauer Will Do Anything To Win, Even Cheating?” This article had absolutely no journalistic integrity. There were no facts presented in the article. The author presented a re-hashing of the contents of the video, with a few changes to make the article seem more sensational. The author has smeared a great baseball player and held a random fan’s “analysis” in higher regard than the personal and athletic integrity of Joe Mauer. I feel that an apology is due from this author, both to the readers of this website and to Joe Mauer himself. I hope to see this happen in the near future.


First I would like to thank you Andrew for commenting on how my journalistic abilities were capable of making this story “seem more sensational.”  The FACT of the matter is that Mauer appeared to be relaying signs into Kubel and this is nothing new.  Even Tigers’ catcher Gerald Laird stated that the Twins are known for this.  Whether that was the case here will never be known for sure, but at no point in the article was the name of Joe Mauer smeared.  If that is what you have garnered from this article upon first glance, you may want to consider taking another look.

Some may come down hard on Mauer for his tactics, but it is a common thing in baseball.  Nowhere in the rulebooks does it state that
a player
can not tip off pitches to a teammate, and although it does seem to be among the unwritten rules within the “

code of ethics ,” that code will not win you games, pennants, and championships.  That is what Mauer wants and he is willing to

do anything
to get there.
[Total Pro Sports]

If it is an apology you are looking for, you have come to the wrong place.  You may enjoy wasting your time seeking out apologies from individuals, but I would rather not waste my time handing them out.  If there is a lack of journalistic integrity here that you feel needs to be addressed, I would advise you to start your own sports blog.  Then you may report on anything you wish in whatever manner you feel fit, and when whinny bithces begin to bust your balls over “journalistic integrity” and “smear campaigns,” you may preceed to publicly bash them as well.

As for the hundreds of other comments accussing me of calling Mauer a cheater, you may also want to give the post another look.  At no point is there any indication that I have accussed the Twins’ catcher of cheating.  The title “Joe Mauer Will Do Anything To Win, Including Cheating?” clearly contains a question mark, which would indicate that I am questioning whether Mauer’s actions should be considered cheating (grammer lesson 101).  Personally, I do not consider what Mauer did to be cheating and if I had been in the same position, I would likely do the same thing (like all baseball players seemingly do).

The fact of the matter on this whole issue is that baseball signs are not a part of the rules either.  The pitcher and catcher are simply looking for a way to communicate signs in order to enhance their abilities to get the required outs.  Nowhere in the rulebooks does it state guidelines for delivering signs to a pitcher, and it also says nothing regarding the stealing of such signals.

Joe Mauer is an outstanding baseball player and I would like to make it clear that I am a firm believer in this.  He and his Twins have not been at an advantage throughout the season because of their ability to steal signs.  Everyone does it.  If a batter is good enough to get himself to second base, then he should be allowed to steal all the signs he pleases from there, and quite frankly he is.

The title of the article is the only place that you will find the word “cheating” used, and it is followed by a question mark, asking you the reader whether you believe this to be cheating.  Before you all begin state your anger over what you believe was a case of myself framing Mauer for something he didn’t do (cheat), you may want to reconsider accusing me of doing something I clearly have not done (accuse Mauer of cheating).

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