Michael David Barrett Arrested In Erin Andrews Peephole Video Case

Michael David Barrett and Erin AndrewsTotal Pro Sports – After months of investigating, an arrest has finally been made in the Erin Andrews peephole video case.

Michael David Barrett, a 48-year-old divorced father, was arrested at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Friday and is scheduled to appear in court today for his bond hearing.  It was a difficult couple of months for the ESPN sideline reporter, but the police have finally found their man.

According to the FBI, Barrett allegedly stalked Erin “with the intent to harass, to place under surveillance with intent to harass and intimidate, and to cause substantial emotional distress to a person in another state.” [TMZ]

Barrett had been stalking Andrews, looking to obtain information from the different hotels she traveled to in order to situate himself in a room next to hers so that he may secretly record her.

Andrews’ lawyer, Marshall Grossman from the law firm Bingham & McCutchen, tells TMZ Barrett allegedly contacted hotels in the various venues “where Andrews was working in order to locate her and her room number — and some of the hotels revealed that information, permitting him to target her.” Grossman says Barrett would remove the peepholes from the doors — or as the complaint states, “hacked off” — and inserted tiny camera devices to secretly film her. [TMZ]

E.A.’s lawyer told Good Morning America that Andrews and her stylist were able to narrow down when the footage may have been obtained after checking out the designer jeans she had been wearing at the time.

The judge will now be faced with a decision as to whether Barrett will be released and allowed to travel to Los Angeles alone where he faces interstate stalking charges, or if he should remain in police custody and accompanied by law enforcement during the trip.

Michael David Barrett

Michael David Barrett

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