Rodney To Brady: Take Off Your Skirt

Rodney To Brady Take Off Your SkirtTotal Pro Sports – One week after calling out Buffalo Bills receiver Terrell Owens, Rodney Harrison has set his sights on a new target, former teammate Tom Brady.

Following the Patriots victory over the Baltimore Ravens, much of the talk was surrounding a roughing the passer call made by officials after Terrell Suggs went low at Brady’s knee.  Suggs barely made contact with Brady, but the reaction from the Pats quarterback was enough to draw the flag as well as some harsh criticism from Harrison.

When asked what he thought about the call, the former safety had the following to say on NBC’s Sunday night Football coverage:

“Horrible call.  You can’t make this call.  And Tom Brady, if you’re listening, take off the skirt and put on some slacks.  Toughen up.”

Don’t expect a Twitter battle to break out over this one, although Brady may want to consider telling Harrison to give him back some of those Super Bowl rings if he continues with the trash talking.

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