British Man Survives 165-foot Failed Bungee Jump In Thailand (Video)

British Man Survives 165-foot Failed Bungee Jump In Thailand Total Pro Sports – There are plenty of things that one may want to experience in Thailand, but bungee jumping should not be on of them.

Even if you are the type that enjoys extreme sports, or death defying stunts, there comes a point when practicality must overcome all other ambitions.  Unfortunately, this one man was unable to identify that very practicality we are speaking of.

This British tourist thought he was about to embark upon a thrilling ride while in a foreign counrty, but instead he was only preparing himself to experience their medical care system.  When he takes off from the platform with his bungee cord attached, things seem to be going as planned until the rope reaches it’s limit and the man’s legs slide right out of the harness.  Although the bungee cord bounces back up, the man does not.  Instead, he plummets into the lagoon below.  Thankfully, he did not die, but he did suffer a ruptured spleen.

Interestingly enough, he performs the sign of the cross prior to takeoff.  Someone should have told him that God’s power is no match for shoddy bungee equipment.

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