Cesspool Swimming Just Another Tailgating Tradition At MSU

Cesspool Swimming Just Another Tailgating Tradition At MSUTotal Pro Sports – We have said it before and we will say it again.  There is no fan quite like a college football fan.

Last time we touched on this subject, it was the proud supporters of the Miami Hurricanes that were in our spotlight.  Ths time we turn our attention to the men and women of Michigan State University.

It was a muddy day in East Lansing prior to the Spartans game this past Saturday against their inner-state rivals, the University of Michigan Wolverines.  That didn’t stop the partying however.  In fact, it seemed to have only made things that much more interesting.

With the rain pouring down, puddles grew larger, and one area in particular seemed to have collected some additional liquid from brre bottles and cans, as well as the bodily fluids from hundreds of fans in attendance.  It was the perfect place for a some mud wrestling.

After some delay in trying to convince a few females to enter into the cesspool, a brave young man takes initiative and gets a female to join him (3:00 mark).  It looks like it will be a friendly encounter until he picks her up and slams her into the muddy waters.  That was just the beginning of another four minutes of mayhem.

There is just something about a female draped in mud that can be quite sexy at times.  This could have been one of those times, until you realize that there is a lot more to this mud than just dirt and water.

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