High School Football Fan Attacks Official With A Chair

High School Football Fan Attacks Official With A ChairTotal Pro Sports – In sports, reference to the phrase “holding players accountable” is a common occurrence, but it is not only the players who should be held accountable for their actions.  Referees have an important job within the field of play, and as a result, they to must be judged on their performance and dealt with accordingly as well.

Most of sports’ professional leagues hold officials accountable through suspensions or their awarding of certain individuals with playoff games.  In high school sports however, one crazy fan has a new idea on his mind.

Although they lack the size and strength of professional and college athletes, high school football is still a physical game, but the lack of security present can often result in that same physicality spilling over between fans, or in this case, between a fan and an official.

Following the Hackleburg High School homecoming game against Lynn, one angry fan from the visiting side took action against the officials.  The male can be seen running along the fence (1:15 mark) and throwing a chair over it.  Once the final whistle blows, he jumps onto the playing field and sprints towards the officials as they make their way towards the exit.  After getting in one swing of his chair, the other officials grab the culprit and bring him to the ground in an effort to avoid any further attacks.

This is one instance where Friday Night High School Football looked more like Monday Night Raw.

Hat Tip – [Extra Mustard]