NHL Contract Vetoed By Alexei Semenov’s Wife

GYI0050758257.jpgTotal Pro Sports – The no-trade-clause has become a rather interesting obstacle in the NHL over the past decade or so, but thanks to the wife of Alexei Semenov, there may be a new addition to player contracts which include a wife’s-acceptance-clause.

Unfortunately for Semenov and the New York Rangers, they are the first to be faced with such a grievance.

Semenov, his agent, and the Rangers had agreed  on a one-year deal worth $600,000 last week.  Everything appeared to be a done deal and the announcement had even been made to the public.  Perhaps Semenov should have waited until after he called his wife in Russia to give this move the green light.

Once she was informed, Semenov’s wife was quick to reject the possibility of her husband playing in New York.  This may very well be a first in the NHL.  At least one veteran general manager has never experienced an incident quite like it:

“He couldn’t talk his family into it. In all my years of dealing with players, I’ve never had that happen before. He was crying,” GM Glen Sather said.

You would think Semenov and his family would be quick to jump on a contract like that, although the former second round pick of the Edmonton Oilers was able to land a two-year contract in Russia’s KHL worth $1.5 million.

Great news!  Now he will have plenty of bills to wipe those tears with.

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