Another High School Football Blunder Results In Crazy Finish

Another High School Football Blunder Results In Crazy FinishTotal Pro Sports – Another week.  Another crazy crazy finish in a high school football game caused by a lack of knowledge regarding the rules.  I can’t help but think that if coaches at the younger levels of the sport spent more time teaching their players the rules of the game rather than the skills involved in it, they may be better off.

This time we go to John Glenn for their homecoming game.  With seconds left, they lined up for a game winning field goal.  The kicking game is often a weakness at the high school level and that was once again the case here, but after blocking the kick, the opposing team began celebrating not realizing the play was still live.

Rules state that when a field goal is blocked, the ball is still live if it does not cross the goal line.  That was the case on this play, and with the opposition having already run off the field, the John Glenn player holding the ball was informed by his coach to run it into the endzone.  That is exactly what he did and in the end it was the home side who would do the real celebrating.

When you are on the losing side of such a game, it can be enough to make you go nuts.  The losing coach was heated with the officials after their call, but thankfully he stopped short of attacking them with a chair.

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