Daniel Wilkerson Involved In Crazy NHRA Crash

Daniel Wilkerson Involved In Crazy NHRA CrashTotal Pro Sports – For those who enjoy quick paced motor sports action, the NHRA funnycar racing has just the thing for you.  And if you enjoy seeing cars spinning out of control and crashing into walls at unbelievable speeds, Daniel Wilkerson may be your kind of driver.

On Monday during the NHRA’s event in Memphis, Wilkerson was lined up next to Ron Capps for their first round race.  The two looked to be even off the start, but only seconds in, Wilkerson’s car lost control.  Both rear wheels came off his car as he swerved left and barely missed Capps’ car.  After hitting the wall, the car flamed up and several pieces of the frame were dislodged, but Wilkerson was able to walk away.

It is amazing to see Dan come away unscathed after such a crash, especially when you consider the tragic outcomes experienced by the likes of Felipe Massa and Henry Surtees following what appeared to be much more forgiving accidents.

Someone up there must have been rooting for Wilkerson on this day.

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