Florida Men Catch Record Sized 750-Pound Mako Shark

Florida Men Catch Record Sized Mako Shark Off Coast Of Fort LauderdaleTotal Pro Sports – Just a few months ago, the largest Mako Shark was caught off the coast of Boston by Taylor Sears.  Hopefully he cherished his record over that time, because it didn’t last all that long.

A couple of days ago, a group of men from Florida set out on their boat for a fishing adventure and they got just that when a giant 748-pound mako shark decided to visit them.  The evidence remains in the bite marks left on the exhaust and frame of the boat.

The crew had a camera rolling and when they saw the 10-foot shark feeding on a swordfish, they knew they had to take the opportunity to bring in the beast.  They used the shark’s dead meal as their bait to lure it in, but that turned out to be a long and dangerous struggle, which also resulted in a confused shark attacking the boat at times.  They were eventually able to to bring it in and celebrate their big catch.

The last time we wrote about someone catching a mako shark, it seemed to cause quite the stir, as some believed it was cruel punishment done simply for the thrill of the kill.  Well they may be happy to know that this fish did not go to waste.  The guys took the meat and were able to divide it among 20 of their friends.

On second thought, that likely wont make them happy at all.  Ah well.  At least this time it wasn’t given a Camel’s Clutch.

Local 10 News Video on the 750 Pound Mako Shark Catch

CNN Video on the 750 Pound Mako Shark Catch

Video After the catch

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