Bone-Crushing Dirt Bike Faceplant [Video]

Bone-Crushing Dirt Bike FaceplantTotal Pro Sports – Extreme sports are known for giving us high flying tricks that include huge air.

This home made video has nothing to do with either of those things. This genius dirt bike superstar decided to build a little ramp to jump his bike off, and the proceeds to fail as bad as anyone I’ve ever seen. You would think all that work putting a ramp together would give him time to think how horribly wrong taking a bike airborne can be.

With his trusty dog there as motivation, the rider promptly does a solid face plant right into the hill. Maybe the X-games should really look into preventing teens to stop trying stuff they see on TV. Although it does make for a good laugh wen they do fail horribly.

Gotta love the slow motion replay! You can bet this kid wont be riding his bike anytime soon.

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