Top 10 Amazing Alex Ovechkin Off-Ice Moments

Top 10 Amazing Alex Ovechkin Off-Ice MomentsTotal Pro Sports – What is it about Alexander Ovechikin’s gap-toothed charm that has us coming back for more?  Sure he can score goals and is on the path to being a legend on the ice, but it’s his off-ice antics that make us love him so much.  This Ovechkin top ten list highlights those antics.

The man that sounds like Borat (that’s not just me that thinks that, right?) has had some amazing moments.  From calling off speed limits in D.C. to his supposed hole-in-one on the golf course, he always seems to be having fun.  Remember at the all-star game this past year when he tried all those crazy trick shots?

It is the athlete that attracts us off the playing field with charisma and good humor that transcends his sport.  Michael Jordan had it, Wayne Gretzky had it, Jerry Rice had it, and many others.  Although Ovechkin is clearly less polished than some of those guys, as evidenced by his pre-game and post-game rituals , he has it too.  Coupled with his unbelievable on-ice hockey talents, he may transcend his sport as well.

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