Audrina Patridge At The Pepsi 500 Event In Los Angeles

Audrina Patridge and NASCARTotal Pro Sports – Nascar is synonymous with big motors, fast cars, and hot girls. So in the name of hot girls standing next to fast cars, we give you Audrina Patridge.

Best known for her extensive acting skills as seen on “The Hills”, and I use the terms acting and skills pretty loosely,  Patridge was photographed taking some pictures next to the Pepsi car, during the Pepsi 500. We would have preferred the hotter, more talented Danica Patrick, but she’s too busy driving these mean machines rather than posing next to them and pose.

Maybe Audrina can one day learn to drive like Danica, because her acting isn’t exactly Oscar worthy.

Hat Tip Find – [TheWorldOfIsaac]

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