Is Cristiano Ronaldo Cursed?

Cristiano Ronaldo cursedTotal Pro Sports – Cristiano Ronaldo has been a top soccer player for the last few years with his blistering speed and knack for the goal. Since leaving Manchester United and signing a gargantuan deal with Real Madrid, the Portuguese superstar has seen a string of bad luck.

First Ronaldo crashed his gorgeous new Ferrari, and now it seems he’s been cursed into an injury that kept him out of Madrid’s next game against Seville. The game turned out to be the Galactico’s first loss of the season. Reports state that a sorcerer named Pepe had been hired to perform his voodoo on the Portuguese International star.

According to a source… “The witchcraft expert has revealed that he was hired by a woman who was “deceived” by the Portuguese man-o’-sex. Given his penchant for ladies of ill repute, this piece of information doesn’t exactly round things down, but Pepe also describes his client as “very famous, rich and not European”. Therefore, the Spanish press infer that the prime suspect is Paris Hilton, who has publicly admitted that Ronaldo was “too gay” for her.”

Harsh words coming from this man of mystery. He was reportedly paid a whopping 15000 euros, making the Paris Hilton rumour a bit more believable. Who else has that kind of coin to throw around at world famous ex’s. Hopefully Ronaldo is really cursed and not just pulling an infamous dive.

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