Master Baiters Lose Their Name, Not Their Hobby

Master BaitersTotal Pro Sports – Some New Zealand cougars headed to Australia to compete in the Sydney World Masters Games thought it would be a good idea to name their netball team “The Master Baiters”. Maybe they thought it would ease their nerves if the crowd erupted in laughter when they were introduced as the “Master Baiters”.

“The team was asked to change its name after organisers thought the risque reference to whitebaiting was too much.”

They will still play in the games, but the name has changed. They will now be known as the “New World Master Netters”.  At least they get to keep enjoying their hobby. Which is netball. Wait — you didn’t think their hobby was…never mind.

They picked the name as a joke but organizers thought it “might have a bit of a double meaning if it was pronounced wrong”. Ya think? In a world that loves stuff like painted body jerseys and the Lingerie Football League, what else did they think people would think it meant?

Maybe if the “Master Netters” win the championship they will celebrate by…going out for a nice dinner. What did you think I was going to say?

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