Matt Holliday Blows It For The Cardinals

Matt Holliday Blows The Game

Matt Holliday Blows The Game

Total Pro Sports – That picture is not pretty, and it gives everyone in St. Louis a great scapegoat for what’s shaping up to be a very bad series for them, contrary to what many writers had predicted.  But was it really Matt Holliday’s fault the Cardinals lost?

If his play was an error, then what exactly do you call Colby Rasmus’s play in the 7th when he tried to stretch a double into a triple and got thrown out at 3rd?  I call it a boneheaded play in a crucial situation during a 1-run game.  Had Rasmus held up at 2nd Wainwright would have had a chance to hit with a man in scoring position.  Although Wainwright is a pitcher, he sports a career .244 batting average and might have driven Rasmus home or at least kept the inning alive.

And what about Ryan Franklin?  The one thing that a closer needs outside of a good fastball and one other pitch is poise.  Franklin didn’t have it.  He got the two easy outs, but after Holliday’s error he came unglued, giving up 2 walks and 2 hits on his next 4 batters.

Okay, okay, it was Holliday’s fault too.  And most importantly, Rasmus and Franklin don’t have this lovely picture as a reminder of sending their team down 2 games to none in the NLDS.  I don’t know if Holliday’s miscue was the knockout punch for the Dodgers, but it sure doesn’t look good.

Hat Tip Image – [DeadSpin]

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