Theo Fleury Sexually Abused By Junior Hockey Coach

Theo Fleurys SecretTotal Pro Sports – In Theo Fleury’s new book, he admits that he was sexually abused by his former junior hockey coach Graham James.  While this is disturbing and shocking to everyone, it wasn’t unexpected.  In fact, it has been long suspected that Fleury was the victim of abuse by James. There’s disturbing, and then there’s DISTURBING.  This is the second kind.

In 1997, Sheldon Kennedy, another NHL player, confessed to being abused by James which led to his conviction of sexual abuse.  Many since then have suspected that Fleury was a victim as well, since he was coached by James.

In his upcoming book, “Playing with Fire”, Fleury also reveals that he had failed 13 drug tests during his time in the NHL but was never prevented from playing.  His addictions did lead to his eventual suspension from the NHL in 2003 and after a failed comeback attempt, the end of his playing career.

While his former team, the Flames, are looking to have a decent season, this is a crushing story.  Fleury was a hero to many and this is another tragic tale to add to what had already been a history riddled with controversy and problems.  Were his future problems related to the incidents he was involved in with James?  It’s impossible to imagine that they were not.  Either way this is a shocking moment for all fans of hockey and sports in general.

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