Did The Cleveland Browns Get Screwed in Overtime Last Sunday?

Did The Cleveland Browns Get Screwed in OvertimeTotal Pro Sports – Let me put my cards on the table: I’m a Browns fan, through and through, but I’m willing to call a dead horse a dead horse. Braylon Edwards’ departure was almost as inevitable as the chance of Shaun Rogers skipping town in the next offseason, a rookie signal caller will be in place after the 2010 draft, and he’ll be selected with the number 1 pick because in all honestly, the Browns are the worst team in the NFL right now.

But… with that being said, WE GOT SCREWED!

Sunday’s game against the red hot Cincinnati Bengals was a tighter affair than expected, and not only did it make it into overtime, all but 4 seconds of said overtime were utilised to (unjustly) find a winner. Shayne Graham put the ball between the posts… or did he? On closer review, and after a few choice words from Browns’ defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, I’m not convinced.

Yes it’s in my interest to not be convinced because a tie game would mean we’d be let off our 0-16 path by a technicality, but this deserves another look so decide for yourself:

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