Owen Schmitt Cracks His Head Open During Pre-Game Intro (Video)

Owen Schmitt Cracks His Own Head Open During Pre-Game IntroTotal Pro Sports – Owen Schmitt didn’t think the crowd, his team or even himself, were fired up enough before this week’s game against Jacksonville.  If it was you or me, we might try giving an inspirational speech or something.  Owen Schmitt went in a different, significantly more violent and self-destructive direction.

That steroid problem in the NFL sure is apparent sometimes.  It looked like more of an MMA match than a football game.  The blood is just pouring down his face like he took a hit right on the forehead.  And that doesnt look fake either.  Considering that the Seahawks were down to just one fullback on the roster with the injury to Justin Griffith, it wasn’t exactly the most intelligent move.  It did, however, seem to fire up the team.  The Seahawks ended up wrecking the Jaguars 41-0.

Schmitt himself had to miss the first play of the game getting his head stitched up.  The immense loss of blood didn’t keep him out for long though, as he came back right after that play.  The ‘hawks ran a 3-receiver set that play, but Schmitt returned for the next play.

Oh and if you’re anything like me you probably haven’t heard of this guy before.  Anyone who has though knows that this behavior is nothing new for Schmitt.  He’s attempted this sort of nonsense before, although I don’t see why he would try to get himself pumped up after a random impromptu punt in college.  Makes sense I wouldn’t get it though, since I’m not the kind of guy that cracks my own head open intentionally.

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