Aaron Fox Works His Magic Behind The Net For An Incredible Goal (Video)

Aaron Fox Works His Magic In For An Incredible GoalTotal Pro Sports – The NHL is not the only place you will find highlight reel goals, and while Nicklas Lindberg and Linus Omark have proven just that with their own spectacular finishes during the shootout, Aaron Fox demonstrated similar finesse during regulation time.

With his team, Medvescak Zagreb, down by a goal early in the third and on the power play, Fox made his way behind the Alba Volan goal.  Left there unchallenged, he saw an opening and took advantage, scooping the puck up with his stick before creeping out from the back of the net and putting it under the bar.

That would tie this EBEL league game and send the crowd into an absolute frenzy.

Being a former player at the University of Minnesota, one can only wonder how much Fox was influenced by Mike Legg, who performed a similar trick while playing with the University of Michigan Wolverines in 1996.

And who could forget Sidney Crosby‘s version of the lacrosse move.

All three of these guys made it look so easy, but the reality of the situation is if it was that simple, everyone would be doing it.  All the more reason to appreciate it that much more when a player can perform this move with such success.

Thanks to Nick from Croatia for this great video tip.

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