Dre Bly Stripped While Showboating After Interception

Dre Bly Stripped While Showboating After InterceptionTotal Pro Sports – Here’s the thing about showboating: you shouldn’t do it.  In anything.  And at the highest level of Dre Bly’s sport, the NFL, he should know better than to tempt fate.  But tempt it he did on Sunday.  He committed an extremely boneheaded play (though not as dumb as his one) which made him look like a complete idiot.

In yesterday’s 45-10 shellacking by the Falcons, the Niners defense was on its heels all day and this play in the 3rd quarter was no different.  Matt Ryan dropped back to throw and tried to hit Roddy White with a pass across the middle.  The referee seems to have gotten in White’s way, allowing Dre Bly to step up and easily pick off the pass.

That’s where things get, well, embarrassing for Dre Bly.  At his own 20 yard line, with Roddy White and other Falcons still hot on his tail, Bly inexplicably decided to do a little high-stepping and showboating.  He was still very close to most of the Falcons offense at that point, and Roddy White is by no means a slow guy.  He easily caught up to Bly.  The rest is history:

At least he didn’t just set the ball down like this guy, though he might as well have.

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