Dwight Schrute And Gilbert Arenas In New TNT Commercial

Dwight Schrute And Gilbert Arenas In New TNT CommercialTotal Pro Sports – Rainn Wilson, better known as Dwight Schrute from the hit series The Office, has been teaming up with NBA stars to produce a series of new commercials for TNT.  This one features Wilson as a mulleted cab driver taking Gilbert Arenas somewhere.  As NBA commercials go, these have been significantly funnier than those LeBron-Kobe puppet commercials from last year.

Wilson is hilarious as always.  The best two lines in the whole commercial are when he tells Arenas “I don’t wanna grill it on the Hibachi for you,” and when he responds to Arenas’ question about the meter running by saying “I know you’re good for it.”  Whoever shot this commercial didn’t pull any punches, using both of those lines to make fun of Arenas’ many nicknames as well as his bloated contract.  Damn right Arenas is good for it.  He hasn’t played much the last two years even though he signed that ridiculous $100 million contract.  His return at the end of last season was a weak one and those threes Wilson was talking about him hitting?  He hasn’t hit many of those lately either.

Regardless of Arenas actual basketball prowess, this commercial is funny.  Everything Dwight Schrute touches seems to turn to gold.

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