Leave It To Burger King To Sum Up The Dallas Cowboys

Burger King Sums Up The Dallas CowboysTotal Pro Sports – There is always an interesting story surrounding “America’s Team,” and now America’s burger and America’s television network have the inside scoop for us.

Burger King and Fox’s NFL pre-game show gave viewers an inside look at what goes on inside the always interesting Dallas Cowboys locker room (when they are not busy singing) in this weeks edition of “The King and Us.”  Needless to say, Jessica Simpson size, Tony Romo‘s knack for choking, and Wade Phillips‘ job security were all topics of discussion.

Cartoon versions of Marion Barber and Jason Witten kick things off by poking fun at Jessica’s weight issues, and Phillips joins in with some verbal jabs towards Romo and his big game blunders.  But the best part just might be when Jessica enters the scene hand-in-hand with Kyle Orton stating “I only lose weight for winners.”  So does that mean we should expect Simpson to grow exponentially as long as she is with Redskins backup quarterback Colt Brennan?

As for the Rex Ryan comparison to Octomom, you can only hope the Jets head coach is taking that one as a compliment.

Hat Tip – [NBC DFW]

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