Massive Romanian Rugby Brawl Breaks Out On Field (Video)

Massive Romanian Rugby BrawlTotal Pro Sports – If the sport of rugby was not rough enough already, you can always count on the Romanians to toughen things up.

They were at it again over the weekend as a match between CSU Arad and RCM Timisoara turned ugly only 20 minutes in, leaving three players injured and in need of a visit to the hospital.

So how did they manage to beef things up?  Simple!  Just allow some kicking and punching during the scrum.  And when a players is down, don’t forget to throw in a few more swift boots and cleat stomps for good measure.

That would sum up the scene one the field as one of the hospitalized players suffered head injuries, while the others were left with a broken nose and missing teeth.  There was no fake blood needed in this one.

Hat Tip – [The Sun] Via Nick from Croatia