Ukrainian Cameraman Caught Sneaking A Peak During The Game

Ukrainian Cameraman Caught Sneaking A Peak During The Game Total Pro Sports – Beautiful breasts and European soccer.  They go together like a round derriere and baseball in America (although some may argue the combination of breasts and baseball isn’t all that bad either).

This seems to be the thought process behind those working the cameras for ESPN as their coverage of England’s World Cup qualifying match on Saturday in the Ukraine was a little chesty, to say the least.

During the game, one cameraman was distracted by a gorgeous full-figured female in the stands.  While checking her out he also took the opportunity to test the zoom lens.  Needless to say, it was working just fine.

With this match being an important one for the Ukraine, who were looking to increase their chances of qualification, we will assume the man behind the lens was an English supporter.  Much like his team, he seemed uninterested in the meaningless game taking place on the pitch.  After all, England had already booked their place to South Africa for 2010.

This must be why they call it “the beautiful game.”

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