Girl Fight! Soccer Style

girl-fightTotal Pro Sports – Most sports fans will tell you that when females play, it just isn’t the same as the males, but when it comes to a soccer brawl, they appear to be quite similar.

We can not tell you where these girls or from, or what got them all so angry, but there is certainly no shortage of Bruce Lee flying kicks being thrown around (I counted eight in all that ruckus).  Makes you feel like you are watching a game at Yankee Stadium, doesn’t it?

So now we will leave it to you to be the judge.  Is it just me, or do female soccer fights look a lot like the male versions we have grown accustomed to seeing.  The power behind the kicks may not be the same, but their technique sure is.  Perhaps one day, when equality has truly been achieved, and the divide between men and women has been eliminated so that we are all on the same playing field, we will bear witness to a female who can throw a flying kick like this one.

Until then…

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