2010 Vancouver Olympic Medals Unveiled (Pics)

2010 Olympic MedalsUntil now, the only thing most of us had heard about the 2010 Winter Olympics was that the torch sort of looked like a joint.  Well, the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver are right around the corner, and the design for the medals that will be awarded for those Olympics have been released.  They very different than any Olympic medals we have seen before.

The official medals for the 2010 Winter Olympics were unveiled Thursday morning in Vancouver, featuring original West Coast aboriginal designs of an orca and a raven.

In an Olympic first, each medal will be unique, featuring part of an image cropped from two large master artworks by Corrine Hunt, a Canadian designer and artist of Komoyue and Tlingit heritage based in Vancouver, B.C.

The raven and the orca are not the only odd additions to these new medals.  Also the actual shape of the medal has a wavy surface, to represent the mountains, waves and drifting snow of the west coast.

There’s one last intriguing thing about these new medals.  They are the heaviest medals ever created for an Olympics.  I’m not saying that its worth the risks of heavy lifting, but hopefully those figure skaters have been pumping some iron during their training this time around.

2010 Olympic Medals2010 Olympic Gold Medal
2010 Vancouver Olympics Medals
2010 Olympics Medals
2010 Olympics Medals Pics

Hat Tip – [CBC]

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