High School Basketball Coach Kyle Dennis Pleasures Himself at Costco…Again

Costco and Kyle DennisTotal Pro Sports – Welcome to Boise, Idaho.  I know you think that potatoes are pretty much the only thing we have here.  Well that’s where you’re wrong.  If you just head down to your local Costco, you’ll find out that some of our biggest role models are putting on quite the show.  For instance, the local high school basketball coach and math teacher Kyle Dennis was choking the chicken in plain view for everyone to see recently:

According to court documents, Dennis “knowingly engaged in obscene conduct…by manipulating his penis with his hands while walking around a Costco store with an erection.”

I guess if you’re not a famous NFL pro, its hard to find someone to help you out with that, like Sims-Walker did this weekend.  But don’t worry if you missed the fun, because it looks like our friend Coach Dennis is likely to do it again, seeing as this wasn’t the first time:

The documents go on to say that Dennis performed the same behavior at the Costco on 2051 S. Cole Road as well as the Walmart on Overland in June.

Wait, what?  So this joker did it before and was still allowed to teach?  I mean at least he didn’t make a mess on the jerseys, but it appears Idaho isn’t all that great after all.  The fact that he did this at all is pretty funny, but the fact that this is his second offense and he was still allowed to teach with no apparent repercussions is downright disturbing.  Hopefully we won’t be hearing about this guy anymore.

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